Hope is Alive in the Bundesliga

While the German Bundesliga is still on hold, some clubs have found ways to keep their players fit to be ready for day 'x',

Training at Bayern Muenchen has been drastically redesigned to meet the strict COVID-19 restrictions.

Utmost discipline is demanded from players, staff and even the drivers:

· 21 players are divided in groups of 4 or 5.

· Each group arrives at the training ground at different times and are picked up in the underground garage.

· Then they are led to separate dressing rooms.

· Everything has been planned in the smallest detail so the various groups don't meet.

· There are 4 soccer fields.

· Each group trains on their dedicated pitch.

· Special meals are prepared for each player to take home after training.

· Cyber Training at home will still be used, but not so frequently anymore.

FC Schalke 04, too, starts this Monday, April 6, in groups of 7, in a similar way as Bayern. Potentially more clubs, such as Borussia Dortmund, may follow within the rules of Paragraph 3 of the German Corona Protection Law. Here in Canada, we too hope to a safe restart of the season - when ever this may be. Stay safe!