A Trial at USCA can change your Mind

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

The leap to an Academy should not be difficult for you. If you are looking for a team, you should probably have a peek at what USCA has to offer.

The main thing that families are talking about is the fact that at USCA their child is guaranteed to get special attention in a player focused learning environment and maximal playing time.

This is partially due to the small roster sizes and coaches that pay attention to detail. Our coaches take pride to create capable players from an early age on.

We accept players from 6 years old to age 14. They will train in a group that suits their ability. Training sessions can range from 2 to 4 units per week, depending on the age group. Younger players that join our Talent Pool Program (age 6-7) train once a week but can participate in more than one unit if they want to. We have teams based in Richmond Hill and Toronto.

Our development program has helped many players to make the next step, climbing the development pyramid. Some of our players have graduated to University Teams, League 1 and National Teams. Many remember fondly where they got their start: at United SC House League and USC Academy.

On another note, many talented players miss the early development stages because of confusion about what is important: winning or growing as a player? Our motto is Excellence over Success, which means that a player at USCA will never rest after achieving a short term goal.

If you think your child fits into a setting like this, don't hesitate to arrange a free trial.

Ideally, a USC Academy player is highly motivated and works hard to develop technical, tactical, physical and mental skills. Players that don't own these traits when they enter USCA are guaranteed to acquire them within time. We look forward to meet your child at a Trial Session.