A Soccer Parent Trilogy: Things my mother never said

In December 2014 I published three articles written by Tony Earp*. At the time they hit a chord that resonated deeply with me. I feel that these stories are still relevant in today's youth soccer. They present talking points for many soccer parents and coaches alike. With Ontario Soccer pushing club and academy standards, it seems that it does not hurt to have a look at other issues that are part of player development and parent education.

This is why I decided to re-publish them, in the hope that more people catch up with the reality of youth soccer and what it means to have a child in competitive soccer and develop as a player.

* About the Author Tony Earp directs SuperKick/TeamZone Columbus’ Soccer Skills programs. Tony has a Masters in Education from The Ohio State University. Tony was a standout player both academically and athletically at The Ohio State University, earning multiple honours both on the field and in the classroom. He can be reached at tearp@superkickcolumbus.com

A SOCCER PARENT TRILOGY: Things my mother never said

PART 1: My child is not challenged enough

PART 2: I will talk to the coach

PART 3: My child should play in a different position