Our goal is simple. We like to carve a natural path for players from grass roots to pro.
To achieve that, since our founding days, our motto has always been
The three golden crowns in our Crest symbolize just that.

The three stripes indicate paths to excellence. Red stands for passion, creativity and energy, gold/yellow for optimism, joy, respect and integrity and collegiate blue for education, trust and loyalty. 
At USC Academy we expect any player that becomes part of our organization to demonstrate certain traits, that make her or him a contender for personal achievement.
A USC Academy player is highly motivated and works hard to develop technical, tactical, physical and mental skills.
Our top priority is the journey. The destination will become evident depending on the effort and passion that a player contributes.

A true athlete will always strive for Excellence and place Success second.
USC Academy is committed to support a player within this framework.

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