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Oct. 10/12
USC coaches on path to excellence
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Dolapo Maxlino has been travelling back and forth between England and Canada for a while now, and this was not necessarily because he likes the Queen.
Dolapo has been serious about his coaching career ever since he joined USC Academy in 2010. USC was all the way behind him, when he explained he would take off time to further his education abroad.
Dolapo has been patient in his aproach to pursue the UEFA coaching courses and now the time has come, when he receives the reward of his effort in form of the UEFA 'B' license.

As we know him, he won't rest on these well earned laurels and we can expect him to pursue higher education in the near future.

Alvaro Clavijo, U8 coach at USC, has also taken the direction forward and completed the OSA Pre 'B' course, which was held in September, successfully.
We at the USC Academy like to congratulate Dolapo and Alvaro for their achievements.