February 2013

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USC players excel outside Academy

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USC Academy is proud to see their students strive for excellence

A good number of players at the OSA Regional and Provincial levels have reached that plateau through the academy system. It is noteworthy that the USC Academy is not falling behind in this aspect.

Currently, USC U12 girls populate the district selection pool and U13 players were identified for the Regional selection.

This is the reward for making soccer the #1 sport in their lives: training three times a week, plus regional/district training and most of the times adding extra training sessions to perfect skills or getting fitter.

It is the stepping stone to be recognized as players who wish to go all the way to national recognition.

USC Academy is proud for the achievements of all their players.

OSA Region 3 Pool:

Nicole Kozlov
Daniel Lewis
Katalin Tolnoi
Maya Lindstroem
Brigitta Pulins


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