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May 2009


May 18/09
OPPOSITES (one of 3 issues)

This tactical play is useful for players age 10 and up who have an understanding of their role.
The strikers must recognize when the man on the ball has TIME to play the ball forward.
Strikers move toward the ball dragging the man marking defenders oppositesclose to them.

As the player checks toward the passer as if to receive a pass and is marked tightly by the defender, a sharp spin is made to receive a long pass behind into the space created by coming short.

A sharp turn/spin into defender and across the shoulder is the best move, rather than the old arc run into space.
With the old arc run this is easilytracked by the defender as there is time to see the ball and the player.
When the player has time on the ball to pass, expect lots of movement at pace, e.g., short to go long.

The Midfield player can pass down the side of the striker.
When there is no time on the ball, i.e., they must pass quickly, expect players to stay in their positions to provide options.
This means if they go short to receive they get the ball to feet from the first run because there is no time to make the second run, as the player on the ball has to release it quickly.


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