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May 2009


May 18/09
USC Academy is proud to announce that one of their youngest female athletes has been chosen to train with the T&T SOCA WARRIORS
Even Pellerud, ex-Canadian National Team Manager, now leading the Trinidad & Tobago National Program, is determined to have a strong T&T national team and has been looking everywhere to find caliber that fits into his plans for his U17 Nationals.

Mallory Archer ('94) has been a long time member of the USC Academy and has put in hours of dedicated training, travelling long distances from and to practice from Guelph to Toronto and back, only to be rewarded with more travelling: YYZ to Trinidad & Tobago and back.
But Mallory does not mind that... For her, this is exciting to say the least.

The T&T U17s practiced at the University of West Indies in Trinidad for the most part.
Mallory was selected from 2 tryouts to go to Tobago. During Easter they had a camp in Tobago where all players and coaches stayed at the same guest house. The girls trained every day for a week, including cross-training. In addition three exhibition games were played: one against U14 boys which the girls won 1-0. The second game was against the U20 women's Tobago team, one win and one tie.
The T&T U17 will be practicing year round with breaks.
Back in Toronto,
Mallory has played her first game here against Bryst Academy in SAAC competition, but has her eyes already sky-ward: she is invited to meet the National Team again when school is finished. She will have two summer breaks to come home to her family and USC.
All of us at USC will miss her, but we are equally proud of her achievements.
Who knows, we might see Mallory as a Soca Warrior for good.

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