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July 2009

Fairmeadow Centre - KixKids League

Fairmeadow KixKids League a success.

July 4/09
USC Academy attempt to bring soccer education to neighbourhoods receives positive feedback from local residents.

USC Academy's
attempt to involve children from age 4-13 in soccer has been a welcome opportunity for the Faimeadow community.
This is not your 'run of the mill soccer league' many clubs are offering. Instead it is a 'mini camp' repeated every Saturday, for one hour at theFairmeadow Centre.

USC coaches are using the Academy JSS (Junior Soccer School) principals to teach skills, tactics and techniques, followed by a well spirited competitive game.
In essence it is a 'development' league, where players can show their talents to the coaches. Chances are that a few will join the academy 'full time', experiencing the whole training methodology at USC.

Early quirks needed to be ironed out, before the field was actually 'usable' and safe to play on. GRASS CONDITIONS at FAIRMEADOW

Failure by the TDSB to prepare the pitch properly had USC staff scrambling to get the league off the ground in time.
Despite some 'wet' mornings, the KixKids League took on a momentum of its own.


AVENUE NISSAN has partnered with the USC Academy in support of developing promising players to their highest potential.

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