October 2011

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Creating a development path for female athletes

This program will focus entirely on the female athlete.

Some of USC’s current girls are playing on mixed teams in the SAAC league, while others are participating in local District Leagues under the umbrella of the United SC.
The United SC is the Development Club of the USC Academy and a member of the Ontario Soccer Association.

At the younger ages, USC girls have proven to hold their own or succeed expectations, playing on boys’ teams at SAAC.
In the new program, girls can train and develop under the tutelage of USC Academy coaches and at the same time enjoy participation in OSA governed girls' leagues and/or a mixed team at SAAC.
This pilot program is open for all females born 1997-2003.

Open try-outs take place over the months of November and December at various locations.


Contact Klaus Baedorf, President of the USC Academy, for more information.

Phone 416 409 2260
or contact us by email.

USC Academy@Facebook