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Positive conclusion of 2011 a promising start for 2012

The OSA Snow Globe Tournament was the first competitive experience for the USC girls under the umbrella of the new 'all girls' program.
The USC Academy took first steps to implement this program in November of 2011 by combining all USC girls to train together in a once a week 'Combine' session.


While all the girls had their share to play in their respective age group during 2011, this was the first time USC was fielding a mix of 2001s and 2000s.

The combination of both, academy and club players lived up to the expectations of the coaches and created exciting game situations.
The girls went into the tourney not knowing what to expect, but soon realized that something important could be achieved that day.
What they did know, was the game plan. No matter what happened, it was important to stick to the items discussed prior to each game.

vs EAGLES 1-0Throughout the three game tournament, each one of the players stepped up to the plate by showcasing their skills they worked so hard for.
These games were meant to be the first stepping stones towards a better understanding of what is asked of a player in the upcoming 2012 season.
There is a lot of hard work ahead of these talented young ladies and it is anticipated that the USC 'all girls' Combine will help achieving the goals set by the players and coaches.
This rewarding conclusion of 2011 should serve as a catalyst for a challenging 2012 season.

The USC Development Team faced Brampton in their first game.
This was a very exciting game that USC controlled from the start
by maintaing good team shape under pressure and working the ball out of the defensive third. Gracie Cobbold, the goalkeeper, was not tested a lot in this fixture.
The score was 2-0 at the final whistle.

vs LEASIDE 2-0

The opponent in the second game was Toronto SC.
Even though USC provided most of the pressure and maintaining a
70% average of ball possession, the Eagles were defiant and quick on the counter attack. However, most shots were not on target. In contrast, USC had a multitude of scoring opportunities but the keeper spoiled all efforts, but had no chance on the winning goal. Final score: 1-0.

The last game of the day saw USC facing Leaside Tigers. As expected, their team tried to get over top of the defense and run at us whenever possible. Their pressure almost paid off on a number of occasions if it were'nt for the acrobatic efforts of the USC keeper. However, USC stubbernly stuck to their plan that worked in the previous games. Unstoppable, the Combine combined for some entertaining soccer to take this game 2-0. A triple shut-out.
This has been an important factor in the way USC runs their programs.

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Player Pool: '03-'99
2012 Teams: '03 co-ed / '02 girls / '02 co-ed / '01 girls / '01 co-ed '00 girls / '00 co-ed Female players interested in this program should contact the USC Academy.

Phone 416 409 2260
or contact us by email.

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