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USC Tactical Session (Elite Camp, July 14, 09. Clinician: Klaus Baedorf)
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November 18/09
An Attack on the Wing is only as good as the Run. The 'Blind Run'.

This tactical play is useful for players age 10 and up who have an understanding of their role.
In this session a player will learn how to upset the defence and make space on the wing.

Set up outside the 18 yard box, so the winger has an opportunity to shoot on goal.
Reduce space acording to age of players blind run

In the graphic to the right, player one passes to player 2 and prepares for a 'blind' run along the sideline into space behind the defence.
Player 2 passes the ball to player 3 who passes it into space and into the run of player 1.
Player 1 should use one touch to prepare and then shoot on goal.

Coaching Point:
Player 1 must time his run, so the ball arrives first in behind player 2.
Player 2 and 3 must be mobile, side-on.progression B

Progression A:
Use one touch passes.

Progression B:
Player 2 passes to 3 and goes for far post.
Player 3 passes to space and goes for near post.
Player one chooses to shoot on goal or cross the ball.

Progression C:
Introduce 2 defenders (3 vs 2).
Defenders mark players 2 and 3.
Instruct them to move with 2 and 3 to give
player 1 an opportunity for a good quality run and cross (or shot).

Progression D:
progression CLet defenders decide on their own who to mark.

Progression E:
Free game, 4 vs 4

Always look for quality touches, good decisions, communication and explosive moves.