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USC closes season with Award Banquet
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Isiaka Onibudo, one of the coaches at USC, acknowledged USC Academy members as a dedicated group of supporters, some of them being part of the Academy for many seasons.
He appreciated that parents have placed their trust into the hands of the USC Academy.

He went on to say that coaches are fully aware of this responsibility and that USC is actively promoting coaching education to provide the players with the most current knowledge possible.

This evening was all about the players.
It gave the USC Academy an opportunity to recognize excellence in the making and reward those players who rose above the rest.

The 'Recognition of Excellence' award reflects many values. Klaus Baedorf explains that it is not only about becoming an excellent player, but also about recognizing the foundation of becoming a focused student, academically and athletically, and growing into a disciplined, well adjusted and balanced person.

The criteria to assess players are in accordance with the USC Academy's expectation, specific for the various age groups.

All USC team players were monitored over two thirds of the 2010 season and coaches brought their recommendations forward at the end of that period.

The 18 nominees were:

Lia Mattacchione, Christopher Cordero, Yale Freedman, John Fusca, Daniel Patino, Max Fulton, Ruqayya Hirji, Ethan Kibel, Brent Leung, Nicole Kozlov, Summer Waywell, Felipe Diaz, Ehsan Hirji, Adam Rogers, Alan Vlaykov, Brock Mutic, Benji Freedman, Mick Thompson.

These recommended players received specific attention during the remainder of the season.
The final decision of who would be the recipient of the 'Recognition of Excellence' award was made early in December.
All coaches were involved in choosing these players.

The 6 final recipients of the award were:

  • Yale Freedman (mid-fielder),
  • Brent Leung (mid-fielder),
  • Ruqayya Hirji (defender),
  • Ehsan Hirji (goal keeper, midfielder),
  • Adam Rogers (goal keeper),
  • Alan Vlaykov (goal keeper).

The year 2011 marks the 10th Anniversary for the United SC and the USC Academy.
Isiaka Onibudo, coach of the U10 academy team, says that this represents a perfect opportunity to step up USC Academy's effort in its pursuit and celebration of excellence.

In addition to the 'Recognition of Excellence' award, the USC Academy will offer a one year scholarship to one player in their respective age group (U11, U12 and U13).
The scholarship will be implemented to promote the values and philosophy at the USC Academy.
More information about this initiative will be made available before the start of the new season.
The USC Academy looks forward to a challenging 2011 season.