November 2012

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Player puts scholarship award to better use

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Ruqayya Hirji sees better use for scholarship earned

Immediately after the banquet on November 18, in a conversation that I had with Ruqayya and her parents, it was very evident that she was proud to have achieved this recognition but also felt a bit uneasy.
She felt that she deserved the award for her efforts, but would feel better if she could put the scholarship to a specific use. Recognizing that there are always families who could benefit from some financial assistance, she asked that her award should be added to the USC Academy
bursary fund.
Ruqayya's parents are fully supportive of her decision and hope future recipients will also see value by reaching out.
This is a very noble and humble request by a person who, not surprisingly, has always shown compassion towards her team mates and friends, and beyond.

USC Academy is proud to add Ruqayya Hirji's scholarship to the bursary fund, making it a little easier for the less fortunate in 2013.


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