"...a USC ACADEMY player is highly motivated and works hard to develop
technical, tactical, physical and mental skills."

Happy Scholars

There are four main Academy Programs:

KixKids Development League (Click here for Info) is a "once-a-week", co-ed development league, which is designed for children age 4 to 10.
Coaches make sure that already the youngest players receive proper, age specific training within scrimmages and games.
USC professional coaches run sessions for each team (15-20 mins).
Advanced players can be identified to enroll into the Junior Soccer School (JSS)..

Junior Soccer School (JSS) (Click here for Info) is an introductory co-ed training program (age U8-U11).
Advanced players can move into the ELITE Training Program depending on their development progress.
JSS players can be identified to participate in Inter-Academy league play (SAAC, age 6-8, Introductory Division, 4 vs. 4 / age 8-10, Primary Development Division, 7 vs. 7).

Elite Training Program (Click here for Info) is a co-ed player development program. It is open to all competitive players, age 8-18. Exceptional participants are identified and invited to play on a ACADEMY TEAM.

Keeper to Keeper Program (Click here for Info) is a straight forward goalkeeper school. It is integrated within the ELITE Program.

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