"...a USC ACADEMY player is highly motivated and works hard to develop
technical, tactical, physical and mental skills."

Happy Scholars

:: What does USC offer?
USC offers training programs for all levels, may it be individual, goal keeper or group training. In addition USC fields development teams in various age groups. Further, USC offers a traditional July camp at Havergal College.

:: Do you have programs for the younger children, 4, 5 and 6 year old?
Yes. The United Soccer Club, in partnership with USC Academy runs the KIXKIDS program. It is a recreational program and open to all players, age 4-13.

::What makes USC different from other academies/clubs?
USC is in the business of developing all players to their personal best ability. We are known to pay attention to detail and focusing on the individual, not only the team as a whole. USC values 'excellence' higher than 'success' . 'Train the Brain' is another motto USC uses in their methodology.

:: Who can attend USC Programs?
Everybody! ...as long as the age requirements are met and the participant adheres to the USC Philosophy and Methodology.

:: I am with another club, can I enroll with USC as well?
Certainly. USC is open to all players who seek additional development, training or camps.

:: How can I try out for a team?
Ideally you should contact us to set up an appointment for assessment. Note: according to OSA rules, you can only be registered to ONE team (club or academy) per season. Two assessment sessions are free of charge.

:: Do your teams participate in Tournaments and/or Leagues?
Yes, we field teams in the Inter Academy League, run by SAAC. There is a traditional July tournament for all teams. In addition, and depending on the team's level, we will travel to selected showcase tournaments.

:: Do I need to try out if I want to TRAIN ONLY?
No. However, you will be assessed to determine which training group will suit you best. This will happen during the first 2 sessions.

:: I like the USC Philosophy but have difficulty meeting the financial challenge. What are my options?
USC is a player focused organization. We don't believe that financial challenges should hinder a child's soccer development. We suggest to present your specific case in writing. All communications and information will be strictly confidential.

:: Do you offer discounts?
Yes, we offer a family discount. (click here)

:: Are there opportunities for parents to get involved with USC?
Yes, volunteers are always welcome. (click here)

:: I am looking for a sponsorship opportunty. What do you offer?
USC offers a number of options. (click here)

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