"...a USC ACADEMY player is highly motivated and works hard to develop
technical, tactical, physical and mental skills."


Happy Scholars

Volunteers are as important to our organization as our coaches, instructors and physios. They also provide an important link between the USC leadership and the player families.

Opportunities for students:
As long as you have a strong soccer background, are self motivated and seek experience in leadership, we can provide you with the necessary hours at the recreational and/or competitive coaching and instructor level.
We will ease you into your responsibilities using our proven apprenticeship program.

Below are some examples:

  • United SC spring and fall outdoor program
  • United SC fall and winter indoor program
  • After School Programs
  • USC Academy Coaching/Instructor assistant
  • USC Academy soccer camps/clinics assistant

Minimum age requirement:

  • Recreational sector, age 14
  • Competitive sector, age 16

Volunteers are also needed in day to day USC Academy operations.
If you have strong managerial and organizational skills, your help is needed in various areas.

  • Team management
  • Event management
  • Tournament & Travel organization
  • USC- parent liasion
  • Advisory board

If you want to volunteer, we can make it happen.
Certain requirements and regulations apply.
Please contact USC Academy for more information.
We are happy to help!

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