"...a USC ACADEMY player is highly motivated and works hard to develop
technical, tactical, physical and mental skills."

USC trainers develop and nurture players' mental, physical and technical characteristics.
Our trainers match appropriate methodologies to each individual player's phase of development.

USC encourages creative play which gives players a chance to experiment and find knowledge through concise feedback of how to improve.
Our methodology allows players to do their own problem solving during a game.

Off-field, theory classes prepare players to learn quicker and understand the game better.
USC follows the 'Long Term Player Development' model (LTPD) and maximizes the outcome with creative, positive intervention and by teaching through 'coaching moments'.

'Excellence over Success' is our short formula to develop a life-long player.

There is proof that Ontario Educational Institutions fail to deliver the basics of physical education. This is why the USC Academy has taken the lead to teach 'physical literacy' in our Junior Programs.

You can expect:

  1. A simple philosophy which places players and player development first.
  2. Training methods proven around the world encompassing age- specific training and specialized techniques to help players love, understand and appreciate the game.
  3. A professional environment with a highly certified coaching team.
  4. On- and off-field soccer education that is age and/or skill appropriate.
  5. Minimum 3:1 training to game ratio.
  6. Specific goal keeper training is always available.
  7. A full-time athletic therapist and personal trainer are always on call.
  8. National & international exposure.
  9. Ongoing coaches' professional development.
  10. The finest facilities to meet our training needs.

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