"...a USC ACADEMY player is highly motivated and works hard to develop
technical, tactical, physical and mental skills."

Happy Scholars

Our Elite camp is highly recommended by anybody who has attended one.
Most players choose to come back year after year, because they know that they can expect quality training.

Each camp focuses on several topics, may it be individual defending, team defending, attacking, or simply passing and receiving of the ball.
All topics are trained individually and transposed into a game situation.

(1/10 coach/player ratio, ability and age appropriate training method).

Goal keeper training is available at all camps.

In addition, we assure that highly qualified coaches look after our players.

January to March, we run a 75 minute indoor skills/futsal camp at Deer Park JH
Saturdays 9:30 am to 10:45 am (age 7-9) and 10:45 am to 12 pm. It serves as 'pre-season' training session and is ideal for club and HL players who want to brush up on their skills and fitness for the spring season.

In July/August our Elite Camp is held at Havergal College or St Andrew's Junior High. Both locations boast exceptional training facilities and a stimulating learning environment.
Occasionally we invite highly credited coaches from Europe to assess our players and scout for exceptional talent.
The camp emulates training methodologies that are proven at highly acclaimed academies abroad.

A Goalkeeper Training camp is also available, integrated with the Elite Camp.
Goalies will be exposed to beginner and advanced techniques and work with our Academy Goalkeeper Trainer. Goalies also participate in field training and competitive scrimmages during the camp.

The KixKids camp rounds off the July/August camp line-up, suited for all players 6 to 8 years of age and covers all areas of LTPD.

It runs parallel to the Elite Camp at either Havergal College or St. Andrew's Junior High.


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