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The USC short formula to develop a life-long soccer player

December 16/14
"I talk to the coach!"

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October 18/14
USC introduces 'BALL MASTERY and TECHNIQUE' sessions on Saturdays. Starting November 1!
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September 24/14
USC anticipates to field '00 girls team in 2015 SAAC League. Assessments for potential players take place now!
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August 3/14
USC offers early assessment sessions during regular training sessions. Join a USC team now!
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July 16/ 14
Seven Ways to keep players hydrated
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April 3/ 14
NEW - Spring Soccer for boys! (April, May, June)
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Intro Program for 4 and 5 year olds:
USC provides an Introductory Program for 4 and 5 year olds.
This program is managed by the United Soccer Club and operates every Monday evening in January & February. You can read more about it at

".... a USC Academy player is highly motivated to excel and works hard to develop technical, tactical, physical and mental skills."

To help you become that player, USC provides the following:

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USC has helped creating programs for the community. 
If your school is interested to run 'after school' programs, 'lunch break' activities, or pre-class events, we can be of assistance.

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